What Counts as Creativity? {Chasing Creative}

What do you think of when you think of creativity? Do you recognize yourself as a creative person, or do you think your brand of creativity doesn't count because you're not a painter or a starving artist?

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In this week's episode of Chasing Creative, Abbie and I are taking down the myth that creativity only counts if it looks the way people expect it to. If you've ever struggled with doubts like these, this episode is for you:

  • "I don't make new art, I just reproduce what others have done from patterns or recipes."
  • "I don't get paid for my art, so any creative work I make doesn't really matter."
  • "My work isn't good enough to be considered real art."
  • "I only dabble in things here and there. I'm not creative, I'm just a hobbyist."

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How do you define creativity? Have you ever struggled with thinking you're not creative enough to count?