Creative Communities {Chasing Creative}

Most creatives wander around their real lives feeling like no one really gets them. Oftentimes this suits us (at least those of us who are introverted). Then we come online and find that camaraderie is just on the other side of the screen, where we can join the vast circle of other creatives who understand and support our work.

Having people who can mentor and encourage us is essential to our creative lives. But how do we find these people? Is it healthy to live this double life where many of the people who know us best live on the other side of a screen? What sorts of creative groups and mentorships are best, and is there ever a point where they do more harm than good? And of course, the question every introvert dreads: How can I find a creative community in real life?

Abbie and I are hashing through all these questions, plus sharing our own experiences with creative communities, in this week's episode of the Chasing Creative podcast. Head here to listen, or download it wherever you find your podcasts!

Chasing Creative: Sharing Your Creativity

It's one of the great paradoxes of the universe that many creatives just want to spend time creating their work . . . but then they want to bury it deep in their messiest desk drawer so no one ever sees it. 

What makes sharing your creativity so hard, and how can you push through the fear and do it anyway? Those are the questions Abbie and I are exploring in this week's Chasing Creative episode. 

Chasing Creative Season 4, Episode 5: Sharing Your Creativity

What's keeping you from sharing your creativity with the world (or even just your mom)? Let's talk about it in the comments!