Chasing Creative: How We Waste Extra Time (and What to Do about It)

Remember when you were a kid and you had spare time all over the place? You probably found pockets of time with nothing to do even as late as high school. 

Nowadays the idea of having spare time seems laughable. Everyone is busy and getting busier. Everyone wants to slow down, but no one actually does. 

So what happened between age 17 and now? For many of us, little things like marriage, kids, full-time jobs, and bills to pay all started cutting into our free time. But I think it goes deeper than that. 

I think we've so glorified being busy that we take any spare time we get and sabotage it, usually in the name of "being productive." Because just sitting there doing nothing? That's not something our culture looks fondly on. (You lazy person, you. How dare you take a moment to enjoy your life?)

In this week's episode of Chasing Creative, Abbie and I are exploring how we waste time in our day, how we can stop, and what we could be doing instead. You can listen in right over here! 

Chasing Creative Season 4, Episode 4: How We Waste Extra Time

P.S. Recording this episode got me thinking about how I use my phone and what tempts me to "quickly check email" when I really don't need to. I realized the answer is simple: I take my phone out most often to check the time. From there, it's all too easy to get sucked into making the rounds on social media. 

So I bought myself a watch two week ago. It's been life changing---and that's not an exaggeration. I had a missed text sitting on my phone for more than eight hours the other day! Can you imagine how much more present you could be to your life if you spent eight hours without your phone?

Let's hear it: what are the biggest time wasters in your day, and what would you do with a little more spare time in your life?