Creativity and Place {Chasing Creative}

Where we are in this world affects nearly every part of us.

It’s easy to forget this in a digital age where our closest friends and family may live thousands of miles away. We’re a mobile people—travel is easy, we want to see the world. With help from Skype and Google Translate and airplanes, the boundaries of countries and oceans and languages don’t hold us back like they used to. These are largely good things.

But sometimes we forget that the ground beneath our feet and the air we’re breathing right this moment can change the way we live our lives.

The place we were born, the place our grandparents were born, the neighborhood we grew up in and the city we left it for, the best vacation spots we’ve ever visited, the oldest cobblestone streets and dustiest dirt roads we’ve ever walked on—every one of these places has touched our souls and left a fingerprint.

The things we create are a mashup of the people we are. So of course, our geography affects our creativity, too.

We’re diving deep with illustrator Jane Heinrichs on this week’s episode of Chasing Creative: Creativity and Place.

Jane is an illustrator who works with publishers around the world. Her first children's book, "Magic at the Museum," was short-listed for best-illustrated book at the Manitoba Book Awards. Born in Canada, Jane now lives in London and frequently travels to South Africa and Manitoba.

Listen in to the podcast to hear how all these places have shaped Jane’s work and how other “geographies” like motherhood have impacted her as well.

Which places have most shaped your creative work? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!