Trying New Types of Creativity {Chasing Creative}

We're always trying new things as little kids. Our parents, teachers, and friends are always encouraging us to sign up for that class or go to that summer camp or "just give it a shot."

And then we enter high school, where everything is more competitive (and more expensive), and the implicit message becomes "Only try this if you're going to be good at it."

In adulthood, you can pretty much forget about trying new things. You've got your hobbies and the things you're known for. No need to branch out now! At best, you'll embarrass yourself, and at worst, you'll fail miserably and waste a bunch of money.

But as per usual, my cohost Abbie and I disagree with this mindset. Who says we can't try new things as adults? Whether it's signing up for weekly piano lessons, taking a one-time watercolor class, or tackling a new project in the privacy of your own living room, we think everyone should make space for new creative endeavors in their lives. 

New creative projects can fill us up in so many unexpected ways. Getting uncomfortable, starting from scratch, learning something new, and even failing can all help us grow as creative people. We strongly believe that trying new creative projects is good for the soul, even if it's awkward.

Listen in to this week's Chasing Creative episode to hear more about the types of new projects we've given a try in adulthood, how we make room for them in our everyday lives, and the things we'd like to take a shot at in the future. 

When was the last time you tried a new creative project? How did it go?