The More and Less List

New Year's resolutions never sit well with me. Author Gretchen Rubin would say this is because I'm a Questioner, meaning that I see January 1 as an arbitrary date for setting goals and reevaluating my life.

The problem is, if I don't give myself some sort of guidelines for taking stock of how I spend my days, I'll wake up in 30 years wondering what the heck happened and where all that time went. I've done the Word of the Year (I usually forget what I picked by April), I've used and somewhat liked PowerSheets (although tracking my progress started to feel like a chore), and I've never been one to make traditional resolutions.

Coffee and pinecone.jpg


This year I'm trying something new. I call it the More and Less List. I'm writing down things I want more of in my life and things I want less of. Then I'll try to live accordingly.

I realize this is pretty wishy-washy. There's nothing actionable or measurable about these goals, and there are definitely no deadlines. There's a lot of potential for failure. But I think that flexibility is what I need right now. It's just enough space to help me remember what's important without feeling constraining. 

Here's what's on my More and Less List for 2018.

The 2018 More List

  • More invitations to spend time with friends, less caring if my house is clean or my hair is washed.
  • More laughing kids, less yelling mama.
  • More babywearing, less caring about baby weight.
  • More date nights in, less mindless TV.
  • More trying new things, less getting stuck in routines that don't work.
  • More time outside, less time on social media.
  • More handwritten letters to people I love, less caring about what's happening on the internet.
  • More unique artwork from makers I admire, less cheap decor from Target.
  • More noticing, less driving too fast in a hurry to nowhere.
  • More aimless time wandering through bookstores, less living by a to-do list.
  • More writing words, less caring about publishing them.

How do you set goals or intentions for the new year? What would be on your More and Less List?

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