Building Creative Habits {Chasing Creative}

In this season of life, I'm not a fan of setting goals. I don't like the pressure of tracking things that are barely attainable in my real life (and let's be honest: when you're seven months pregnant and have two young kids at home already, even basic things start to feel impossible). 

My solution for this in my everyday life is the more and less list. And in my creative life specifically, I prefer to focus more on making creativity a daily habit that just happens rather than inventing specific goals. 

I don't want my creative life to be a SMART goal with a finish line. I want it to be something that's part of my life forever, even when it looks messy and unclear. But without those specific goals, how do I make progress on my creative work? 

Abbie and I are chatting all about it in this week's episode of Chasing Creative: Building Creative Habits. We're less about setting and tracking goals, more about using our daily rituals and routines to build in space for creative work wherever we can. Click here to listen!

How do you form creative habits? If you're more goal oriented, how do you set and track goals for your creative projects?